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Jacksonville is the largest city by land area in the contiguous United States. It is also the most populated city in Florida.
Jacksonville, Main St Bridge, Gunilla0610023Jacksonville, Main St Bridge N0610228Jacksonville, Sailors Memorial0610127aJacksonville, Main St Bridge V0610158Jacksonville, Clock V0610045aJacksonville, Main St Bridge0610111aJacksonville, Fire Escape V0610059aJacksonville, Mural0610210aJacksonville, Bldgs V0610042aJacksonville, Church Decorations V0610206aJacksonville, Church Decorations V0610207aJacksonville, Church Decorations V0610208aJacksonville, Church Tower0610204aJacksonville, Church V0610199aJacksonville, City Hall V0610055aJacksonville, Fire Escape0610061aJacksonville, Florida Theater0610192aJacksonville, Gunilla V0610026Jacksonville, Gunilla V0610190Jacksonville, Gunilla0610029

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