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Dover is my hometown, one of the oldest cities in America, very near but not on the ocean coast, and on the border with Maine. Since I live here, it is not a travel destination for me, and these photos are just a hodge-podge of images over the past few years. They are not organized in any special way. Most of my Dover images are from earlier days, and none of those have been digitized.
Dover FireworksDover Point, Sunset, Traps020923-8852Dover Point, Sunset020923-8837Dover Point, Sunset020923-8847Dover, 6th and Grove, Foliage V1054095aDover, 6th and Grove, Foliage1054091aDover, Apple Harvest Festival0616294Dover, Apple Harvest Festival0616300Dover, Ash St w Snow031215-4271Dover, Ash St, Snow0953344Dover, Ash St, Snow1010125Dover, Barn V1054089Dover, Berry Tree w Snow031215-4280Dover, Berry Tree w Snow031215-4306Dover, Bldg, V0611196Dover, Bridges, Winter0953361Dover, Chair and Birdbath, V031019-3142Dover, Chair in Snow V0953259Dover, Christmas Lights1010111aDover, Church Steeple V0960073

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