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Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France and most famous for its nearby wine country. It is an Atlantic port navigable along the Garonne River.
Bordeaux, Place de la Bourse, Fountain1036697aBordeaux, Place de la Bourse, Fountain1037412Bordeaux, Esplanade des Quinconces, Carnival1036758aBordeaux, Brasserie1037439aBordeaux, Cafe1037529aBordeaux, Brasserie1037442aBordeaux, Carousel V1037446aBordeaux, Church Tower V1037453aBordeaux, Doorway1037523aBordeaux, Grand Theater1036729Bordeaux, Place de la Bourse, Painted Cow1036692aBordeaux, Place de la Bourse, Play Fountain, Boy1037549aBordeaux, Place de la Bourse, Play Fountain, Toddler V1037547aBordeaux, Place de la Bourse, Play Fountain, Toddler1037542Bordeaux, Monument aux Girondins, Fountain1036771aBordeaux, Painted Cow V1036738Bordeaux, St Andre Cathedral, Int1037470Bordeaux, Balcony Railing1037515Bordeaux, Bldg V1037501aBordeaux, Carousel1037448

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