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Venice is a unique city with a character all its own. Many cities claim to be the Venice of the North, South, East, West, etc, but none of those really do compare. The city is sinking, but while it is still above water, it is well worth a visit. San Marco Square, Murano, and Burano all have separate pages on this site.
Venice, Bridge1021805Venice, Canal V0943405Venice, Canal0943704Venice, Canal0943715Venice, Carnivale Masks1021706aVenice, Carnivale S -2778Venice, Carnivale S -2915Venice, Carnivale S -4135Venice, Church1021665Venice, Crowds1021718Venice, Doges Palace0943809Venice, Gondola V0943733Venice, Gondola V1021787Venice, Gondola0943424aVenice, Gondola1021874aVenice, Gondolas V1021778aVenice, Gondolas V1021803Venice, Gondolas0943803Venice, Gondolas1021788Venice, Gondolas1021797

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