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The Sterling Highway extends from the Seward Highway south to Homer. It is all located on the Kenai Peninsula, which is the land south of Anchorage extending to the Gulf of Alaska. These are a few of the things that may be seen along the way. Homer has its own page on this site.
Kenai Peninsula, Lake0573442aKenai River, Bald Eagle0581257aKenai River, Birds and Fish0581285aKenai River, Dead Salmon0581211Kenai River, Fishermen0581243aKenai River, Fishermen0581272aKenai River, Floatplane0581221aKenai River, Raft V0577324Kenai River, Raft0577316Kenai River, Raft0577325aKenai River, Raft0577331Kenai, Kalifornski Beach0577398aKenai0577402Kenai0577405Turnagain Pass V0573430Cook Inlet, Volcano020528-9755aCook Inlet, Oil Rigs030521-0826aCook Inlet0577929aCook Inlet, West0577932aRedoubt Volcano030520-0801a

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