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Wiseman is a small northern village remotely located off the Dalton Highway.
Wiseman, Cabin0611508Wiseman, Antlers0611328Wiseman, Antlers0611331Wiseman, Bird Feeder V0611499Wiseman, Bridge V0611506Wiseman, Cabin V0611320aWiseman, Cabin V0611486Wiseman, Cabin0611324Wiseman, Cabin0611490Wiseman, Cabin0611500Wiseman, Cemetery0611526Wiseman, Cemetery0611530Wiseman, Church, Int0611496Wiseman, Old Machinery0611515Wiseman, Post Office0611333Wiseman, Soda Machine0611502Wiseman, White Mans Totem V0611523Wiseman, White Mans Totem0611519

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