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The Tongariro Crossing is a spectacular long day-hike in the Tongaririo National Park that passes a couple of volcanoes and has some stunning scenery. The red crater has recently erupted, which may change the accessibility of this area.
Tongariro Crossing, Central Crater0731707Tongariro Crossing, Ice Crystals0731495Tongariro Crossing, Emerald Lakes V0731688Tongariro Crossing, Emerald Lakes0731611Tongariro Crossing, Emerald Lakes0731629Tongariro Crossing, Emerald Lakes0731679Tongariro Crossing V0731656Tongariro Crossing, Blue Lake0731729Tongariro Crossing, Ketetahi Springs V0731838Tongariro Crossing, Lk Rotoaira0731743Tongariro Crossing, Mt Ngauruhoe0731509Tongariro Crossing, Red Crater Peak0731545Tongariro Crossing, Red Crater0731534aTongariro Crossing, Red Crater0731565aTongariro Crossing, South Crater0731524Tongariro Crossing, Blue Lake0731733Tongariro Crossing, Blue Lk, Lk Taupo0731579Tongariro Crossing, Central Crater0731711Tongariro Crossing, Central Crater0731736Tongariro Crossing, Emerald Lakes Area0731698

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