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Hvar is one of the islands off the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. It has a rich Greek, Roman, and Venetian history.
Hvar, Boats1022584Hvar, Boats1022482Hvar, Boats1022564Hvar, Ovrlk f Castle1022554Hvar, Boats1022485Hvar, Boats1022567Hvar, Boats1022580Hvar, Ovrlk f Castle1022539Hvar, Ovrlk f Castle1022542aHvar, Boats1022582Hvar, Castle V1022560Hvar, Castle1022556Hvar, Castle1022587Hvar, Cat on Roof1022494aHvar, Clock1022561aHvar, Lion Sculpture1022562Hvar, Ovrlk f Castle, Boats1022548Hvar, Ovrlk f Castle1022540Hvar, Ovrlk f Castle1022551Hvar, Ovrlk V1022514

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