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St. Pierre is a small island off the southern coast of Canada's Newfoundland. But it is every bit as much a part of France as all the other sections featured on this website. The island is small and easily traversed by bike.
St Pierre, Bldg020821-7336St Pierre, Island020821-7595St Pierre, Lighthouse020821-7544St Pierre, Lighthouse020821-7330St Pierre, Boat Landings020821-7563St Pierre, Cannon020821-7539St Pierre, Cemetery020821-7358aSt Pierre, Clothesline020821-7372aSt Pierre, Statue020821-7352St Pierre, House020821-7445St Pierre, Lighthouse, V020821-7551St Pierre, Waterfront020821-7461St Pierre, Window020821-7446St Pierre, Beach020821-7406St Pierre, Beach020821-7423St Pierre, Bldg020821-7451St Pierre, Bldg020821-7454St Pierre, Boat Landings020821-7524St Pierre, Boat Pulley020821-7388St Pierre, Boat020821-7565

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