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The Fox Glacier is one of two glaciers that extend down from the Mt Cook National Park to nearly sea level along the west coast of New Zealand's South Island.
Fox Glacier V0811907Fox Glacier V0811935Fox Glacier V0811949Fox Glacier0811419Fox Glacier0811920Fox Glacier, Br V0811444Fox Glacier, Glacial River0811936Fox Glacier Town, Sunset0811661Fox Glacier Town, Sunset0811671Fox Glacier Town, Sunset0811685Fox Glacier Town, Sunset0811688Fox Glacier Town, Dog on ATV0811902Fox Glacier Town, Ivory Towers, Flowers0811594Fox Glacier Town, Sunset V0811668Fox Glacier Town, Sunset0811673Fox Glacier Town, Sunset0811682Fox Glacier Town, Sunset0811683Fox Glacier Town, Sunset0811686Fox Glacier V0811357Fox Glacier V0811359

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