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Moon Hill, Arch020329-5091Moon Hill, Arch020329-5092Train to YiChang, Farmer, Cart020330-5283Train to YiChang, Farmers020330-5281Moon Hill, View, Hills020329-5106Moon Hill, View020329-5074Moon Hill, View020329-5075Moon Hill, View020329-5077Moon Hill, View020329-5095Moon Hill, View020329-5141Train to YiChang, Buffalo020331-5376Xin Ping, Li River, Boats020328-4845Xin Ping, Li River020328-4835Train to YiChang, Farmer020330-5282Xin Ping, Student020328-4876Bus, Guilin to Yangshuo, Street Cafe020328-4647Bus, Guilin to Yangshuo, Temple on Hill020328-4657aBus, Guilin to Yangshuo, Village020328-4654Bus, Guilin to Yangshuo020328-4645Bus, Guilin to Yangshuo020328-4646

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