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Le Conte Bay is often full of icebergs broken off from the calving tidewater glacier. Some have very interesting formations and a very deep blue color.
Le Conte Bay, Bald Eagle0818196aLe Conte Bay, Iceburg, Bald Eagle0818200Le Conte Bay, Cruise Ship0817917Le Conte Bay, Iceburg, Bald Eagle0817920Le Conte Bay, Iceburg, Bald Eagle0818180aLe Conte Bay, Iceburg, Bald Eagle0818184aLe Conte Bay, Iceburg, Rock0818067Le Conte Bay, Iceburg0818018Le Conte Bay, Iceburg0818049Le Conte Bay, Iceburgs, Gulls0818035Le Conte Bay, Iceburgs0817961Le Conte Bay, Iceburgs0817967Le Conte Bay, Iceburgs0817991Le Conte Bay, Iceburgs0818075Le Conte Bay,Iceburgs, Seals0818135Le Conte Bay0818081Le Conte Bay0818083Le Conte Bay, Iceburg V0817963Le Conte Bay, Iceburg V0817993aLe Conte Bay, Iceburg V0818054

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