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Spokane, Monroe St Br140-8646Spokane, Upper Falls140-8650Spokane, Riverfront Park, Vietnam Memorial V140-8676Spokane, Riverfront Park, Bridge and Sculpture140-8684Spokane, Riverfront Park, Wagon140-8690Spokane, Downtown140-8703Spokane, Runners Statues V140-8636Spokane, Runners Statues140-8638Spokane, Upper Falls140-8641Spokane, Upper Falls140-8642Spokane, Upper Falls140-8643Spokane, Upper Falls140-8644Spokane, Upper Falls140-8645Spokane, Upper Falls140-8647Spokane, Upper Falls140-8648Spokane, Upper Falls140-8649Spokane, Upper Falls V140-8652Spokane, Totem Pole V140-8653Spokane, Riverfront Park, Wood Statue V140-8657Spokane, Riverfront Tower V140-8661

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