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Cape St Mary's is at the southern tip of the Avalon Peninsula in eastern Newfoundland. At the tip of the cape is the Cape Saint Mary's Ecological Reserve, which is home to a fascinating bird rock covered with gannetts.
Cape St Mary Eco Res020823-8122Cape St Mary Eco Res020823-8125Cape St Mary Eco Res020823-8140Cape St Mary Eco Res020823-8171Cape St Marys Eco Res, Gannett020823-8102aCape St Marys Eco Res, Gannetts020823-8100aCape St Marys Eco Res, People020823-8062Cape St Marys Eco Res, People929823-8221Cape St Marys Eco Res, V020823-8011Cape St Marys Eco Res020823-8072Cape St Marys Eco Res020823-8077Cape St Marys Eco Res020823-8212Cape St Marys Eco Res020823-8233Cape St Marys Eco Res020823-8235Cape St Marys Eco Res020823-8238Cape St Marys, Lighthouse020823-8271Cape St Marys, Lighthouse020823-8278Cape St Mary Eco Res, Gannett020823-8181aCape St Mary Eco Res, Gannett020823-8186aCape St Mary Eco Res020823-8117

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