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The Cinque Terre is a series of five villages tightly clinging to steep hillsides along a short stretch of coastline south of Genoa. The villages are connected by trails and train, but difficult to reach by car. Corniglia is the only one of the villages that does not slope down to the sea. Though popular with tourists, there are no chain hotels or modern concrete and steel high-rise buildings. In October they sustained heavy rains and flooding that did a lot of damage to the towns and the trails connecting them.
Cinque Terre, Corniglia and Manarola0944746Cinque Terre, Corniglia0944768Cinque Terre, Corniglia, Terraces0944759Cinque Terre, Corniglia0944780Cinque Terre, Vernazza to Corniglia Tr V0944732aCinque Terre, Vernazza to Corniglia Tr0944734Cinque Terre, Vernazza to Corniglia Tr V0944737Cinque Terre, Corniglia0944743Cinque Terre, Corniglia and Manarola0944752Cinque Terre, Trail, Flower0944755Cinque Terre, Corniglia0944763Cinque Terre, Corniglia0944799Cinque Terre, Manarola to Riomaggiore Tr0944982Cinque Terre, Corniglia V0944770Cinque Terre, Corniglia, Bridge V0944778Cinque Terre, Corniglia0944792Cinque Terre, Corniglia, Bldg V0944795Cinque Terre, Corniglia0944804Cinque Terre, Corniglia, Steps to Manarola0944810Cinque Terre, Corniglia to Manarola, Beach V0944815

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