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Augusta, Maine State Capitol131-2706Moosehead Lk112-1732Guilford, Lows Covered Br112-1718Guilford, Lows Covered Br112-1725Hiram Falls, Whirlpool0465840Moosehead Lk112-1740Northern Maine, Rd w Fall Foliage112-1727Porter Br0465848Guilford, Lows Covered Br112-1714Guilford, Lows Covered Br112-1715Guilford, Villages of Piscataquis County Sign112-1720Hiram Falls0465834Moosehead Lk112-1730Moosehead Lk112-1731Moosehead Lk112-1736Moosehead Lk112-1739Fryeburg, Trees112-1130Douglas Hill, Mushrooms, V0465831Augusta, Maine State Capitol V131-2709Augusta, Maine State Capitol V131-2711

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