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Transylvania makes up the most popular part of Romania, with some beautiful villages and scenery. It is most famous for the fictional stories of Dracula and Vampires, but is well worth a visit on its own right.
Bran Castle031002-1451aCristian, Fieldworkers031002-1383aHunedoara, Castle, Horse030927-9573aHunedoara, Castle030927-9490aHunedoara, Factory f Castle030927-9504Rasnov, Shepherd031002-1392aBicaz Gorge, V030930-0926aBicaz Gorge, V030930-0934Aiud, Church030927-9593Bicaz Gorge, V030930-0921aAiud, Church, V030927-9597Bicaz Gorge, V030930-0927Bicaz Gorge, V030930-0943Bicaz Gorge, V030930-0950aBiertan, Boy w Cart031001-1082Biertan, f Fortified Church031001-1033Biertan, f Fortified Church031001-1039Biertan, Fortified Church, Altarpiece, V031001-1052Biertan, Fortified Church, Altarpiece031001-1054Biertan, Fortified Church, Arches, V031001-1070

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