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One of my favorite places I have visited is this small, primitive jungle community village of some Embera people in the Darien Jungle. They were very friendly, curious, and seemed to have a true joy of life despite near total lack of western amenities. Even their teeth looked great!
Darien, Beach, Kids040120-8719Darien, Embera, People040120-8265aDarien, Hut040120-8327aDarien, Embera, Canoes040120-8262aDarien, Jungle040120-8763Darien, Canoe040120-8711aDarien, Embera, Girl, V040120-8407aDarien, Embera, Boy w Cart040120-8700aDarien, Embera, Girl, V040120-8396aDarien, Embera, People, Tree, V040120-8705Darien, Embera, Boy, V040120-8361Darien, Embera, Family, V040120-8301aDarien, Embera, Boy, V040120-8551Darien, Embera, Girl, V040120-8399aDarien, Embera, Boy, V040120-8628aDarien, Embera, Boy040120-8409aDarien, Embera, Boy040120-8535Darien, Embera, Boy040120-8549aDarien, Embera, Boy040120-8736Darien, Embera, Boys, V040120-8270

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