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Where do you start when talking about London? There is so much to see! This is a collection of images from around London on a recent three-day trip.
London, Parliament Bldgs, Statue, Night1050651London, Parliament Bldgs1050206aLondon, Parliament Bldgs, Night V1050622aLondon, Parliament Bldgs, Night1050591London, St Pauls Cathedral1050035London, Phone Booth V1049806aLondon, Tower Br1049477aLondon, Tower Br1049505London, Tower Br1049574London, Tower Br1050115London, Tower of Big Ben, Night V1050639aLondon, Tower of Big Ben, Westminster Br V1049721aLondon, Tower of Big Ben V1049777aLondon, Tower of London1050160aLondon, Trafalgar Sq, Fountain1049774aLondon, Trafalgar Sq, Lion Statue V1049755aLondon, Trafalgar Sq, Monuments1049789aLondon, Trafalgar Sq, National Gallery1049782aLondon, Bldg1050006aLondon, Greenwich1049456a

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