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Napa Valley, Vineyard0727514Napa Valley, Rutherford, Vineyard130-6213Napa Valley, Rutherford, Santucci Winery130-6233Napa Valley, Conn Creek Vineyard130-6203Napa Valley, Rutherford, Frogsleap130-6207Napa Valley, Rutherford Ranch Winery0727380aSonoma, City Hall140-9771Santa Rosa, Coppola Winery141-0780Santa Rosa, Coppola Winery141-0782Santa Rosa, Coppola Winery V141-0785Santa Rosa, Ledson Winery141-0790St Helena, St Clement Vineyards141-1716Napa Valley, William Cole Vineyards141-1729Napa Valley, Rutherford, Vineyard130-6212Napa Valley, Rutherford, Vineyard130-6230Napa Valley, Calistoga, Depot130-6236Napa Valley, Vineyard0727510aNapa Valley, Windmill0727459aNapa Valley, Bale Grist Mill SHP V0727418Napa Valley, Bale Grist Mill SHP V0727427

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