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Peril Strait is a narrow channel of water that some smaller ships and the Marine Highway ferries use to get to Sitka from the Inside Passage. The current can be very brisk, so ships have to time their passage during a slack tide.
Peril Strait Area, Fishing Boat V0819734Peril Strait Area, Fishing Boat0819730aPeril Strait Area, Fishing Boat0819746Peril Strait Area, Fishing Boat0819751aPeril Strait Area, Whale0819784aPeril Strait Area0819757Peril Strait, Flamingos V0818600aPeril Strait, Orcas0819829aPeril Strait, Orcas0819830aPeril Strait, Orcas0819831aPeril Strait, Orcas0819835aPeril Strait, Orcas0819837aPeril Strait, Orcas0819840aPeril Strait, Orcas0819842aPeril Strait, Orcas0819844aPeril Strait, Orcas0819855aPeril Strait, Orcas0819869aPeril Strait, Orcas0819879aPeril Strait, Orcas0819886Peril Strait, Orcas0819887

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