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The Fryeburg Fair takes place annually each autumn in Fryeburg, Maine, along the New Hampshire border. These are a few images from the 2011 fair. The fair is a blend of agricultural exhibits and competitions, horse racing, rides and vendor stalls.
Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair112-1047Fryeburg, Scarecrows112-1048Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Pig Scramble112-1056Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Pig Scramble112-1057Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Pig Scramble112-1066Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Pig Scramble112-1067Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Pig Scramble112-1069Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Pig Scramble112-1076Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Pig Scramble112-1081Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Rides V112-1084Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Rides V112-1086Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Cattle Competition112-1093Kenn Scott, Cow, Fryeburg Fair, ME112-1103Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Men in Chairs112-1104Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair112-1110Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Pig V112-1115Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Piglets112-1117Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Piglets112-1123Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Concord Coach112-1125Fryeburg, Fryeburg Fair, Ferris Wheel112-1127

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