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Saigon is the big city of southern Vietnam. Though officially the city is named Ho Chi Minh City, the central and tourist parts are called Saigon, as is the river. Most locals seem to call it by the name "Saigon". It has shown marked economic improvement over the thirteen years from my first visit until my latest one.
Saigon, Hotel DeVilleSaigon, City Hall120-8406Saigon, Schoolkids0952682aSaigon, Street Vendor120-8497Saigon, Suspension Br V120-8396Saigon, Flower Shop120-8501Saigon, Cholon, Bikes S -8841Saigon, Kinh Tauhu Canal S -8842Saigon, Kinh Tauhu Canal S -8843Saigon, Suspension Br V120-8399Saigon, Street Vendor120-8499Saigon, Saigon R, Boats120-8401Saigon, Notre Dame Cathedral V120-8409Saigon, Notre Dame Cathedral V120-8408Saigon, Statue, MarySaigon, Saigon R, Boats120-8400Saigon, Post Office, Ho Chi Minh Portrait V120-8416Saigon, Park120-8420Saigon, Electrical Wires V120-8438Saigon, Market, Shoe Vendor V120-8444

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