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El Djem has the third largest ancient Roman Amphitheater. El Djem was once the second largest Roman city in Africa after Carthage.
El Djem, Amphitheater1026319El Djem, Amphitheater1026311El Djem, Amphitheater1026320El Djem, Amphitheater1026323aEl Djem, Amphitheater1026344aEl Djem, Amphitheater V1026346El Djem, Amphitheater V1026376El Djem, Mosaic Museum V1026398aEl Djem, Mosaic Museum V1026454aEl Djem, Mosaic Museum1026397aEl Djem, Amphitheater, View of Restaurant1026349El Djem, Amphitheater, View of Roof Tops1026356El Djem, Amphitheater, View of Shops1026351El Djem, Amphitheater V1026284El Djem, Amphitheater V1026287El Djem, Amphitheater V1026288El Djem, Amphitheater V1026300El Djem, Amphitheater V1026317El Djem, Amphitheater V1026331El Djem, Amphitheater V1026340

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