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Misty Fjords National Monument, near Ketchikan, often lives up to its name, with its beautiful fjords, often filled with low-lying clouds and mist or rain and waterfalls from the cliffs. Though beautiful on a clear sunny day, it is almost more magical on a misty, cloudy day. Wildlife is often seen here, but this is a bit too far south for tidewater glaciers.
Misty Fjords NM, Rudyerd Bay020629-3566Misty Fjords NM, Bear020629-3581aMisty Fjords NM, Behm Canal, Rainbow030513-9532aMisty Fjords NM, Float Plane020705-3894Misty Fjords NM, Float Plane020705-3895Misty Fjords NM, Orcas0821000aMisty Fjords NM, Punchbowl Cove030513-9507Misty Fjords NM, Rudyard Bay030513-9484Misty Fjords NM, Rudyerd Bay, Waterfall0817647Misty Fjords NM, Rudyerd Bay020629-3544Misty Fjords NM, Rudyerd Bay020629-3558Misty Fjords NM, Waterfall020705-3964Misty Fjords NM, Waterfall030529-1702Misty Fjords NM, Wolf020629-3591aMisty Fjords NM020629-3619Misty Fjords NM020629-3637Misty Fjords NM020705-3962Misty Fjords NM, Float Plane020705-3906Misty Fjords NM, Log020629-3560Misty Fjords NM, New Eddystone Rock020629-3638

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