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Santillana del Mar is a beautiful town near the Altamira Caves (not featured on this website as photography is not allowed, and the caves visited are replicas).
Santillana del Mar, Flowers1036573aSantillana del Mar, Street V1036614aSantillana del Mar, Balcony, Flowers, Men1036530aSantillana del Mar, Bldg, Balconies, Flowers1036540aSantillana del Mar, Countryside1036524aSantillana del Mar, Cow in Window1036543aSantillana del Mar, Flowers V1036575aSantillana del Mar, Flowers1036583Santillana del Mar, Balcony, Flowers, Men V1036528aSantillana del Mar, Balconies1036536aSantillana del Mar, Balcony, Flowers, Men V1036529Santillana del Mar, Balcony, Flowers1036548aSantillana del Mar, Balcony1036626aSantillana del Mar, Bldg, Flowers V1036628aSantillana del Mar, Bldg, Flowers V1036647aSantillana del Mar, Bldgs1036537Santillana del Mar, Blg V1036538Santillana del Mar, Cart, Flowers1036553aSantillana del Mar, Church1036617aSantillana del Mar, Church1036623a

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