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Khajuraho is famous for its temples, including some very erotic and explicit carvings. It is located in a very remote area, which is likely why it was saved from destruction by invaders. Many people feel that the temples are erotic temples from a kinky sex-crazed culture. However, the carvings on the temples reflect all forms of daily life. I think it was a culture that considered sex to be an integral part of life and weren't ashamed of that and recorded it on the temples just as they did the rest of their lives. In some of the 'kinkier' scenes, a sense of humor can even be seen by the reactions of the carved bystanders. In my depraved opinion, I think by seeing sexuality as a normal part of life they were a less perverted culture than our own. As such, I must warn viewers that some people may actually be offended by some of the erotic scenes. I had a few of these images on my previous website and was accused by a couple of visitors of hosting pornography. Rather than 'pornography', I would classify these as historical records appropriately on display to the public.
Khajuraho, Lakshmana Temple, Flowers030323-7761Khajuraho, Vishvanatha Temple030323-7823Khajuraho, Jagadambi Temple030323-7867Khajuraho, Lakshmana Temple030323-7745Khajuraho, Javari Temple, Detail, V030323-7601Khajuraho, Javari Temple, Detail, V030323-7604Khajuraho, Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, Detail030323-7861Khajuraho, Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, Detail030323-7874Khajuraho, Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, Detail030323-7872aKhajuraho, Lakshmana Temple, Detail030323-7776Khajuraho, Lakshmana Temple, Detail030323-7772Khajuraho, Temple030323-7700aKhajuraho, Temples, V030323-7692aKhajuraho, Vishvanatha Temple030323-7792Khajuraho, Adinath Temple, Detail, V030323-7657Khajuraho, Chaturbhuja Temple, V030323-7665Khajuraho, Jagadambi Temple, Detail, V030323-7894Khajuraho, Jagadambi Temple, Detail, V030323-7896Khajuraho, Jagadambi Temple, Detail030323-7893Khajuraho, Javari Temple, Detail, V030323-7603

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