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Petersburg is the town settled by Norwegians, and they proudly celebrate their heritage. It has a smaller native population than other Inside Passage towns, so lacks some of that influence.
Petersburg, Hammer Slough S -4172Petersburg, Harbor030514-9606Petersburg, Hammer Slough030514-9578Petersburg, Sons of Norway Hall030514-9556Petersburg, Hammer Slough0820872Petersburg, Docks, Floatplane0821991Petersburg, Bald Eagle0820932aPetersburg, Dog and Girl on Boat0821979aPetersburg, Dog030514-9620Petersburg, Statue030514-9628Petersburg, Eagle in Tree030514-9653aPetersburg, Eagles Roost Park0820917Petersburg, Eagles Roost Park0820920aPetersburg, Hammer Slough V0820863Petersburg, Hammer Slough V0820891Petersburg, Hammer Slough, Life Ring V0820868Petersburg, Hammer Slough030514-9570Petersburg, Hammer Slough0820852Petersburg, Hammer Slough0820878Petersburg, Hammer Slough0820893

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