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Zeebrugge is now the port for Brugge as well as a seaside resort. It is not as attractive or well-kept up as Brugge.
Zeebrugge, Beach Sheds1051480Zeebrugge, Beach Sheds1051483Zeebrugge, Beach Sheds1051511aZeebrugge, Beach V1051503Zeebrugge, Beach1051493aZeebrugge, Kids Playing1051514aZeebrugge, Monument V1051479Zeebrugge, Monument1051488Zeebrugge, Pier1051491aZeebrugge, Statue1051486Zeebrugge, Windsurfer1051498Zeebrugge, Windsurfers V1051512Zeebrugge, Windsurfers1051504Zeebrugge, Windsurfers1051508

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