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Mageroy Island, North Cape, Globe1041631aMageroy Island, North Cape, Children of the Earth Monument1041677aMageroy Island, Sami Camp, Reindeer1041571Mageroy Island, North Cape, Cove1041690aMageroy Island, North Cape, Cove1041424aMageroy Island, Reindeer1041253aMageroy Island, Reindeer1041256aMageroy Island, North Cape, Reindeer V1041692aMageroy Island, Fishing Village1041236aMageroy Island, Fishing Village1041240aMageroy Island, Boat1041231aMageroy Island, Fish Processing Plant1041374aMageroy Island, Hikers1041403aMageroy Island, Bldgs1041271aMageroy Island, Coast, Bldgs1041372aMageroy Island, Coast1041370aMageroy Island, Cod Drying Rack1041228aMageroy Island, Cod Drying Rack1041229aMageroy Island, Cod Drying Rack1041230aMageroy Island, Cove1041607a

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