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Orchha is a fascinating complex of huge palaces and temples, many of which are located on a small island in the Betwa River. It was at one time a capital of a Rajput kingdom.
Orchha, Chhatris, River030322-7497Orchha, Chhatris, River030322-7504Orchha, Chhatris, V030321-7424Orchha, Chhatris030320-7237Orchha, Chhatris030320-7241Orchha, Chhatris030321-7401Orchha, Chhatris030321-7407Orchha, Chhatris030321-7430Orchha, Chhatris030321-7445Orchha, Chhatris030321-7471aOrchha, Ghats030322-7508aOrchha, Jahangir Mahal030321-7337Orchha, Laundry030321-7467Orchha, Leprosy Sign030321-7259Orchha, Raja Mahal030321-7277Orchha, Raja Mahal030321-7291Orchha, Street030321-7362Orchha, Temple f Raja Mahal030321-7321Madhogarh, Women w Baskets030306-4724aOrchha, Bldg030321-7383

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