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Lucerne is the largest alpine city in the north central part of Switzerland. Its features, in addition to its spectacular location, include the very old covered bridges and the emotional Lion's Monument.
Lucerne, Covered Bridge V0942554Lucerne, Covered Bridge V0942565Lucerne, Covered Bridge V0942578Lucerne, Covered Bridge, Old Paintings0942647Lucerne, Covered Bridge, View of River0942641Lucerne, Covered Bridge0942563Lucerne, Covered Bridge0942595Lucerne, Grand Hotels0942498Lucerne, Lion Monument0942610Lucerne, Pedestrian Bridge0942666Lucerne, Art Museum0942543Lucerne, Art Museum0942684Lucerne, Covered Br0942497Lucerne, Covered Br0942546Lucerne, Covered Bridge V0942572Lucerne, Covered Bridge V0942602Lucerne, Covered Bridge, Flowers0942568Lucerne, Covered Bridge, Int V0942652Lucerne, Covered Bridge, Int0942649Lucerne, Covered Bridge, Old Painting0942570

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