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About a 45 minute drive north of Karamea is the Oparara Basin, home of caves and limestone rock formations such as natural arches. This area is rather off the beaten track and not far from Kahurangi National Park, also a lesser known park. This is a great area to get away from the crowds.
Oparara Basin, Box Canyon Cave0810899Oparara Basin, Crazy Paving Cave, Spider0810906aOparara Basin, Crazy Paving Cave0810889Oparara Basin, Moria Gate Tr V0810873Oparara Basin, Moria Gate Tr0810875Oparara Basin, Moria Gate0810851Oparara Basin, Moria Gate0810855Oparara Basin, Oparara Arch Tr V0810801Oparara Basin, Oparara Arch Tr0810747Oparara Basin, Oparara Arch Tr0810810Oparara Basin, Oparara Arch V0810782Oparara Basin, Box Canyon Cave V0810890Oparara Basin, Bridge0810740Oparara Basin, Mirror Tarn0810883Oparara Basin, Moria Gate Tr V0810868Oparara Basin, Moria Gate Tr V0810881Oparara Basin, Moria Gate Tr0810865Oparara Basin, Moria Gate0810829Oparara Basin, Moria Gate0810842Oparara Basin, Moria Gate0810864

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