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Coimbra is a university town in central Portugal. The university is one of the oldest in Europe.
Coimbra1035716aCoimbra, University, Statue1035606aCoimbra, Bank of Portugal Bldg1035638aCoimbra, University, Window V1035628aCoimbra, Bldg V1035655aCoimbra, Bldgs1035610aCoimbra, Fado Performance V1035681aCoimbra, Fado Performance V1035684aCoimbra, Ladies on Bench1035660aCoimbra, University1035614Figuera da Foz, Beach1035754aCoimbra, Statue V1035637aCoimbra, Santa Clara Monastery1035719aCoimbra, Street Ornaments V1035652aCoimbra Area, Countryside1035570aCoimbra Area, Countryside1035572aCoimbra Area, Countryside1035576aCoimbra, Bldg V1035712aCoimbra, Fado Performance V1035668aCoimbra, Fado Performance V1035683b

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