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The Denali Highway Connects the Richardson Highway with the Parks Highway. Prior to the Parks Highway being constructed, it was the only road that took people to Denali National Park. It is non-paved road, and full of amazing scenery. It should not be confused with the road within Denali National Park.
Denali Hwy0583086aDenali Hwy, Rainbow0583132Denali Hwy, Reflections0583104Denali Hwy V0582950Denali Hwy V0583039aDenali Hwy V0583051aDenali Hwy V0583088aDenali Hwy, Fireweed V0583022aDenali Hwy, Fireweed V0583026Denali Hwy, Fireweed0582996Denali Hwy, Maclaren Gl0582962Denali Hwy, Maclaren Glacier0582899aDenali Hwy, Maclaren Glacier0582900aDenali Hwy, Maclaren River0583007aDenali Hwy, Mt McKinley0582905aDenali Hwy, Pond, Roots V05833196Denali Hwy, Pond0582945Denali Hwy, Rainbow V0583142aDenali Hwy, Rainbow V0583148aDenali Hwy, Rainbow V0583171a

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