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Homer is the town near the tip of the Kenai Peninsula, well south of Anchorage, known for its spit ( a long, narrow sandbar that protrudes out into Cook Inlet from the shore). They have lots of bald eagles and salmon and halibut fishing are big business here.
Homer, Spit020530-98780864 Bald Eagle on PostHomer, Eagle in Flight030522-0844asHomer, Eagle on Post, V030522-0857aHomer, Eagle on Post030522-0848asHomer, Eagle on Post030522-0849asHomer, Eagle on Post030522-0855aHomer Spit, Boats0577376Homer Spit, Marina, Otter030520-0776Homer Spit, Marina, Otter030520-0789asHomer Spit, Marina030520-0792Homer, Boats020530-9802Homer, Dog on Car030522-0882Homer, Fireweed0577337Homer, Fishermen030522-0884Homer, Fishermen030522-0890Homer, Gull030522-0868aHomer, Marina020530-9824Homer, Mural030522-0835Homer, Nets030522-0840

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