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The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center protects wildlife that is primarily native to the Alaska area and have been orphaned or injured. The animals are kept in an environment with much more room and natural environment than most zoos are able to provide. It is located on Turnagain Arm, south of Anchorage, near the Portage Junction.
AWCC Bald Eagle V0575364aAWCC Bald Eagle0575367aAWCC Bald Eagle0575372aAWCC Bald Eagle0575375aAWCC Black Bear0575640aAWCC Black Bear0575642aAWCC Black Bear0575648aAWCC Black Bear0575655aAWCC Brown Bear Cub V0575461AWCC Brown Bear Cub V0575493aAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575390bAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575394aAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575396AWCC Brown Bear Cub0575402aAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575438aAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575440aAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575443aAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575489aAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575492aAWCC Brown Bear Cub0575494a

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