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West Arlington, Bridge at the Green S -2824West Arlington, Bridge at the Green S -2846Montpelier, VT State Capitol112-2196Whiting, Church0616245Shoreham, Farm0616217aSmugglers Notch, Covered Br0571185Leicester, Barn Detail V0616254aLeicester0616258Whiting, Church V0616225Whiting, Church V0616227Whiting, Church V0616235Montpelier, VT State Capitol112-2195Montpelier,  VT State Capitol V112-2200Montpelier, VT State Capitol112-2201Montpelier, VT State Capitol, Statue V112-2204Montpelier, VT State Capitol112-2206Montpelier,  VT State Capitol, Statue112-2208

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