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Bronnoy is a town in the central western coast of Norway, in the shadow of the Torghatten (the mountain with the hole in the middle of it, featured on another page in this website). The town is a stop on the Hurtigruten, also known as the Coastal Steamers, which deliver cargo, mail, and passengers all along the west coast of Norway.
Bronnoy, Waterfront1042013Bronnoy, Waterfront1042023aBronnoy, Boat1042000aBronnoy, Bridge, Hurtigruten, Richard With1042049aBronnoy, Bridge1042026Bronnoy, Coast1042059aBronnoy, Waterfront1041977aBronnoy, Waterfront1041994aBronnoy, Waterfront1042006Bronnoy, Balcony1041999aBronnoy, Bldgs1042033aBronnoy, Bldgs1041944aBronnoy, Bldgs1042047Bronnoy, Bridge V1042027aBronnoy, Bridge1042039aBronnoy, Church1041983aBronnoy, Esso Stn1041989Bronnoy, Esso Stn1041990Bronnoy, Hurtigruten, Richard With1041976Bronnoy, Waterfront1041981a

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