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Exploring a bit of the western (Pacific) coast of Costa Rica at Corcovado National Park
PE, Corcovado NP040123-9552aCorcovado NP, Ant040123-9487aCorcovado NP, Leafeater Ant Colony040123-9469aCorcovado NP, Caletas Beach, People040123-9429aCorcovado NP, Bamboo040123-9439Corcovado NP, Bats040123-9511aCorcovado NP, Caterpillar040123-9539aCorcovado NP, Lizard, V040123-9520aCorcovado NP, Caletas Beach, PE, Zodiac040123-9423aCorcovado NP, Caletas Beach, Pond040123-9547Corcovado NP, Caletas Beach, Zodiac040123-9409Corcovado NP, Caletas Beach, Zodiac040123-9430aCorcovado NP, Flower040123-9531Corcovado NP, Hammock, V040123-9577Corcovado NP, Jungle, V040123-9489Corcovado NP, Jungle040123-9465Corcovado NP, Leafeater Ant Colony, V040123-9477aCorcovado NP, Leafeater Ant Debris040123-9516Corcovado NP, Lizard, V040123-9527Corcovado NP, PE, Zodiacs040123-9608a

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