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Bodo is a town on the central part of the west coast of Norway, just above the Arctic Circle, and is home to the Saltstraumen, the fastest tidal current in the world, with lots of whirlpools.
Bodo, Countryside, Runners and Dog1040385aBodo, Barn1040265aBodo, Saltstraumen1040302Bodo, Boat1040268aBodo, Bodin Church, Birds1040417aBodo, Coast1040341Bodo, Coast1040359aBodo, Bodin Church V1040390aBodo, Bodin Church V1040428aBodo, Bodin Church V1040430aBodo, Bodin Church, Cemetery1040421aBodo, Bodin Church, Hanging Boat1040403aBodo, Bodin Church, Int, Organ V1040396aBodo, Bodin Church, Int, Organ1040394aBodo, Bodin Church, Int, Sculpture, Window V1040399aBodo, Bodin Church, Painting V1040405aBodo, Bodin Church1040416aBodo, Church V1040436aBodo, Church V1040438aBodo, Barn1040266a

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