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These are just a few countryside images that did not fit into other folders and a few that were scanned from my trip in 1989.
Plitvice Lakes NP, V FSRovinj, Waterfront FSTrogir, f Campanile S -9630Istrian Peniinsula, Countryside, Poppies1022217aIstrian Peniinsula, Countryside, Poppies1022218aIstrian Peniinsula, Countryside, Ruins1022224aCroatia, Coast nr Igrane S -8501Trogir, Artists Row S -9631Dalmation Coast, nr Primosten S -9632Primosten S -9633Zadar S -9634Plitvice Lakes NP S V-9636Plitvice Lakes NP S V-9637Plitvice Lakes NP S -9638Plitvice Lakes NP S V-9639Plitvice Lakes NP S -9640Kvarna Bay, Rainbow S V-9641Istria Peninsula, East Coast S -9642Istria Peninsula, East Coast S -9643Rovinj, Harbour S -9647

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