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Cornish, Windsor-Cornish Covered Br141-1177Lancaster, Lancaster Covered Bridge S V-2883Bath, General Store, Pumpkin Family S -2943Red Barn, Columbia, New HampshireColumbia Covered Bridge, New HampshireBird Flying Low over Connecticut River at Moore Station, NHStark, Covered Br 37 130-7490Bird Flying in the Connecticut River Valley, NHBird Flying with autumn foliage as a backdrop, northern New HampshireBaker Library, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NHThe green at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NHA Moose on Someone's Front Lawn in Hanover, New HampshireMoose Pops in for a Visit in Hanover, NHMoose in a yard in Hanover, New HampshireDartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NHChurch in Lyme, New HampshireHorse Sheds in Lyme, New HampshireWoodpecker in Lyme, New HampshireCarriage on Lawn in Lyme, New HampshireLooking toward the Village Green in Lyme, New Hampshire

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