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Rio Napo, Canoe S -7849Amazon Basin, Yakuma Lodge, Kids S -7839Tena, Store S -7815Amazon Basin, Yakuma Lodge, Ants S-7827Rio Napo, Road S-7821Amazon Basin, Yakuma Lodge, Frog S V-7831Chontayueu, School House S -7841Chontayueu, Butterfly S -7843Chontayueu, Clouds and Rainbow S -7845Tena, Bridge S V-7816Tena, Bridge S-7817Tena, Bridge S V-7818Puerto Napo, Kids S-7819Puerto Napo S-7820Rio Napo, Road S V-7822Rio Napo S-7823Rio Napo S-7824Rio Napo, Boat S-7825Amazon Basin, Yakuma Lodge, Tree S V-7826Amazon Basin, Yakuma Lodge, Mushrooms S-7828

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