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These images of Hungary were taken one November weekend shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Budapest, Chain Br, Night S -9093Budapest, Parliament Bldg S -9077Budapest, Fishermans Bastion S -9078Budapest, Street S -9079Budapest, Plague Column, St Mathias Ch S V-9080Budapest, Fishermans Bastion, Statue S V-9081Budapest, f Fishermans Bastion S -9082Budapest, Parliament Bldg S -9083Budapest, Parliament Bldg S V-9084Budapest, f Fishermans Bastion S -9085Budapest, Fishermans Bastion, Wedding Couple S -9086Budapest, St Matthias Ch, Int S -9087Budapest, Plague Column S V-9088Budapest, Chain Br, Night S-9089Budapest, Palace S -9090Budapest, Parliament Bldg, Night S -9091Budapest, Chain Br S V-9092Budapest, Chain Br, Night S -9094Budapest, Chain Br, Night S -9095Budapest, Chain Br, Palace, Night S -9096

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