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The Lofoten Islands are a set of mountainous islands with beautiful fishing villages. It is an area I would really like to explore further, but I have only been to a couple of the villages, including Svolvaer, shown here on my last trip as part of the MV Spirit of Oceanus. The museums in Svolvaer are featured on a separate page on this website
Svolvaer, Boat1040710Svolvaer, Cannery1040612aSvolvaer, Cod Drying Rack1040488aSvolvaer, Cannery1040664aSvolvaer, Church and Bldgs1040490aSvolvaer, Dock1040468aSvolvaer, Fishing Huts and Cod Drying Rack1040471aSvolvaer, Horse1040652aSvolvaer1040498aSvolvaer, Horse1040654aSvolvaer, Church and Bldgs1040481aSvolvaer, Bldg1040719Svolvaer, Church1040512aSvolvaer, Boat1040709Svolvaer1040500Svolvaer, Boat1040721Svolvaer, Boat1040722Svolvaer, Boats1040714Svolvaer, Bridge1040504aSvolvaer, Cannery1040614a

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