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Brugge is a large very well-preserved medieval walled city in northwest Belgium. It was once an extremely prosperous port town, but the water silted in and the town lost its direct access to the sea. There was very little development until recently, which allowed the old city to remain intact. Now it prospers through tourism and is famous for its lace, beer, and chocolate.
Brugge, Canal, Belfry1051654aBrugge, Canal, Belfry, Night1051575aBrugge, Markt, Horses and Carriages, Night1050969aBrugge, Street, Belfry V1051704aBrugge, Street, Belfry, Night V1051564Brugge, Bldgs, Belfry, Night1051606Brugge, Bridge, Church1050838aBrugge, Bridge1050850aBrugge, Street S -9897Brugge, Bldg, Horse and Carriage S V-9898Brugge, Bldg S V-9899Brugge, Lace Shop S -9900Brugge, Canal S -9913Brugge, Houses S -9914Brugge, House S V-9915Brugge, Michelangelo, Madonna and Child S V-9957Brugge, Cyclists1051284aBrugge, Burg, Night1051616Brugge, Burg1050892aBrugge, Burg1051365a

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