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The Italian Lakes are among the most beautiful parts of the country. These are images from a trip "just passing through", but it is worth spending a lot more time there.
Como, Hand Statue0942939Como, Hand Statue V0942943Como, Street V0942947Como, Lakefront0942948Como, Church0942958Como, Church V0942961Lk Como0942962Lk Como, Town0942964Lk Como0942967Lk Como0942974Lk Como, Bellagio0942976Lk Como, Bellagio0942978Lk Como, Bellagio0942980Lk Como, Bellagio0942982Lk Como, Varenna0942985Lk Como, Varenna V0942986Lk Como, Varenna0942988Lk Como, Varenna0942989Lk Como, Varenna0942993Lk Como, Varenna0942998

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