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Split is the second largest city in Croatia and was initially the home of the Roman emperor Diocletian and his palace. Much of that is remarkably intact today.
Split, Balcony, Flowers1022383Split, Clock Tower1022376Split, Diocletians Palace, Romans V1022450Split, Clock Tower1022377Split, Diocletians Palace, f Bell Tower V1022418Split, Diocletians Palace, f Bell Tower V1022435aSplit, Diocletians Palace, f Bell Tower1022432aSplit, Diocletians Palace1022398Split, Waterfront1022371Split, Balcony, Flowers1022380Split, Balcony, Flowers1022385Split, Bldg1022367Split, Church V1022366Split, Clock Tower V1022375Split, Clock Tower1022382Split, Diocletians Palace, Bapistry of St John, Statue V1022413aSplit, Diocletians Palace, Bell Tower V1022400Split, Diocletians Palace, Bell Tower, Columns V1022448Split, Diocletians Palace, Bldg V1022391Split, Diocletians Palace, Chapel Ceiling1022411a

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