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The Blue Ox Millworks and Historic Park creates old style architecture for buildings such as old Victorian houses and uses old or antique machinery. It also has a school for students to learn some of the skilled trades.
Eureka, Blue Ox Mill V130-5837Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5795Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5796Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5800Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5803Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5807Eureka, Blue Ox Mill, Fire Truck130-5812Eureka, Blue Ox Mill, Fire Truck V130-5813Eureka, Blue Ox Mill, Fire Truck V130-5814Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5824Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5829Eureka, Blue Ox Mill V130-5792Eureka, Blue Ox Mill V130-5797Eureka, Blue Ox Mill V130-5798Eureka, Blue Ox Mill V130-5801Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5804Eureka, Blue Ox Mill130-5808Eureka, Blue Ox Mill, Logger V130-5810Eureka, Blue Ox Mill, Fire Truck130-5815Eureka, Blue Ox Mill, Fire Truck V130-5817

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